Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gluten Intolerance & Cats

Poor Muffin. She hates going to the Vet, but last year she was vomiting after eating. This was not "hairball" stuff, either. She was also losing weight and actually looking "skinny"--not a thing a Mommy wants to see in her furbaby. Ragdolls are supposed to be bigboned and sturdy and my baby was just looking like a frail, skinny twig. So, we decided to take her to the vet (good thing the office is just around the corner--literally less than five minutes total to get there but it is a five minute SCREECH filled ride over. Of course, once we get in the office, the little monkey is quiet as a pip!! Doesn't make a sound!! The vet checks her over and tells me that there is NOTHING wrong with her and that she is just "petite" Well, this Mama knows that something is wrong.

I continue to worry and put my concerns in God's (and St. Francis' care). About a week later, I had a "lightbulb" moment in the middle of the night. One of my BFF's daughter has a gluten intolerance. She had almost the EXACT symptoms that Muffin has until she cut out all gluten in her diet. I hopped on the internet and researched cats and gluten (and OUILA)...I had a to try it out.

I looked at a couple of different types of all natural, all holistic types of food and I knew that it was going to be challenging because Muffin is a VERY finicky eater. We decided to go with the Blue Buffalo food (she has liked other food that has veggies in it and she ONLY likes chicken and turkey! Have you EVER met a cat who does NOT like fish?? She will not TOUCH it. She hates any kind of fish and will not touch any meat either!! Only chicken and turkey!!

Oh, let me tell you, the switch from her "gluten filled" food to the all natural food was really hard. I swear, she was addicted to the gluten or something. She just cried and cried for the other food (she DID eat the Blue Buffalo food right away-especially when I popped it in the microwave for a few secs) but it did take a few days for her to adjust.

She has been on her new diet now since Thanksgiving and she is like a new kitty. She is actually beginning to fill out a bit. She hasn't thrown up--NOT ONCE since I have switched her diet (and she was throwing up several times a day before) and she has more energy (hmmmm...maybe not such a good thing...LOL! Also, her coat is much shinier.

Even with our pets, we need to be advocates. We need to sometimes realize that even the "experts" don't know everything! BTW, when we took Muffin in for an unrelated problem recently and I told the vet what we had done and the results, she was amazed!

What about you and your furbaby? (or furbabies) Do you have a story to share--Muffin and I love comments--so PLEASE don't be shy :)

Gentle hugs,



Monica said...

Wow! You definitely need to get a new vet. Ones that tell you that there is nothing wrong when you know your cat isn't... say... bulimic.... ya. I'm glad Muffin is on the road to recovery.

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